Security is as important to us as it is to you.

That’s why we’ve taken every step possible to ensure the privacy of your personal and financial information as well as the integrity of the assets held in your name.

Fraud Protection

All Dvdendo accounts are insured by the SIPC up to $500,000 in the case of fraud. Even if something happens to Dvdendo, your securities are safe.

Secure Website

Our website is secured with 256-bit encryption, the strongest industry standard specification.

Personal Data Safeguards

Your personal information is encrypted and stored behind firewalls in secure servers that are continuously safeguarded. We will never share your data with any third party without your permission.

Identity Verification

We verify account ownership to ensure that your funds are secure and that any electronically linked checking account belongs to you.

Regulatory Compliance

Dvdendo is a registered investment advisor with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).