Smart, automated financial advice designed around you and your goals.


Dvdendo helps you invest a small portion of your daily expenditures in a diversified, passively managed portfolio made up of thousands of stocks and bonds. We invest your money exclusively in ETF’s which provide broad diversification and high liquidity at a low cost.

Our team of investment experts have designed an automated process that leverages real world market experience and proven quantitative methodologies with the cost savings benefits and efficiency provided by modern technology.



Investing with Dvdendo offers many benefits versus traditional service providers.

Fully Invested With $5

Dvdendo offers fractional share technology which allows you to own just a small portion of a single ETF and therefore be fully invested across 8 ETF’s every time you add as little as $5. No more cash balances waiting to accumulate $500 or more to be properly diversified in the market.

No trading commissions, just a simple monthly fee

Traditional investment firms charge you each time you buy and sell a security. These costs can add up if you rebalance your portfolio often or want to add to your account periodically, but with Dvdendo you have unlimited transactions included in your monthly membership fee.

No account size minimums

Our members can open an account with any amount and benefit from full service investment advisory with as little as $5. Until recently, to access this level of personalized service with a traditional advisor who provided 24/7 customized portfolio monitoring and continuous rebalancing, individuals typically needed to invest more than $1 million.

Automatic rebalancing and reinvestment of dividends

Rebalancing your portfolio periodically and making sure to reinvest your dividends is important but not easy to do on your own. Tracking drift in each asset class and trading your portfolio on your own can be both time consuming and expensive. Dvdendo, however, does all of this for you as a fundamental feature of our service.

Unlimited transfers

Having unlimited access to your money is important. Your Dvdendo account is linked to your checking account and allows you to deposit or withdraw as often as you want with no extra fees.

Automatically save and invest with every purchase

Investing on your own is hard, but saving is even harder. Dvdendo takes the pain out of saving by making it automatic every time you spend. Just link a debit or credit card to your account and we’ll round up each of your purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit those extra pennies (we call them DV’s!) in your investment account.


Depending on your risk profile, your portfolio will have a different composition of stocks and bonds and underlying ETF’s.

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Each of our portfolios is composed of eight securities from an eligible list of nine Dvdendo ETF’s.

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Determining your
risk profile

Before opening your account, we ask you a few questions about your investment goals, time horizon, income, age, and risk tolerance to help us determine the best portfolio for you. Basically, the longer you plan to stay invested, the more likely you are to withstand occasional bumps in the markets. We recommend your optimal portfolio (anywhere from “conservative” up to “aggressive”) and allow you to adjust your exposure manually whenever you like.

Asset selection

Dvdendo aims to provide you with a broad diversification of asset classes with different risk and return characteristics. We have carefully selected a set of ETF’s from some of the largest, most well known providers (such as Vanguard and Blackrock), taking into account important factors like expenses, daily trading volumes, total market capitalization and tracking error.

Portfolio construction

We’ve done an exhaustive study of multiple asset classes, their returns, historical volatility and correlations, to determine the right mix for your portfolio. Utilizing the framework of Modern Portfolio Theory, we select a mix of ETF’s representing different asset classes that aims to maximize your portfolio’s returns while respecting your individual tolerance for risk.